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Flu Season is Coming

October is just around the corner and that means flu season is coming! Because the influenza virus (the "bug" that causes the flu) is always changing, yearly vaccination is the best way to prevent getting the flu. Unfortunately, seasonal flu vaccine rates are still low. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that ALL people, 6 months of age and older, get the flu vaccine. We will be providing flu vaccinations this flu season and should be getting our first shipment of flu vaccine around the end of September. Feel free to stop in today and ask a pharmacist about getting your vaccine and being protected against the flu bug this year.

Website Launch

This is our first blog entry! At our blog we will periodically publish store changes, insurance news, good-to-know drug facts, or any other information we believe will benefit the community. If you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed you will find the link at the bottom of the right hand column.