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Winter Issues of Remedy's Healthy Living and Diabetes Focus

We just received our winter issues of Remedy’s Healthy Living and Diabetes Focus. If you would like a copy of these free publications please ask for one on your next store visit. What you’ll find in these issues:

Remedy’s Healthy Living
  • Animal Love: We looked at the research on animal companions and outline how the right pet can have a positive impact on emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Healthy Food Makeover: Renowned chef Meg Galvin remakes comfort-food standard -- lasagna -- into a low-fat, high fiber (and still delicious) dish.
  • Bladder Q & A: Our panel of experts answers common -- but embarrassing -- bladder questions.


  • Diabetes Focus
  • Healthy and Delicious! The 18 winners of the Food Awards offer healthy, convenient, affordable meals for any time of day.
  • Walking expert Maggie Spinler helps readers keep up -- and even ramp up -- their walking programs with simple suggestions for indoor winter walks
  • Nutrition expert Christine Gerbstadt discusses four important minerals found in common, delicious, good-for-you foods.