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Slip Sliding Along

Perhaps the following story of my fishing experience in 2015 will illustrate how at times we all slip slide along in this life.

Back in the spring of 2015 I went to the Narrows to fish. I went to my favorite spots near the spillway of the dam. I should have retraced my steps back along the path and walked safely and easily down the trail, across the bridge and to the truck. Instead I saw a path that lead south and took it thinking that eventually it surely would lead back to the trail. It did not. I spent one hour slip sliding along the steep slope that had enough shale to not allow a firm footing to boost myself up the mountain. I slid into the river, waded downstream for about 50 yards telling myself that eventually I would find a path up. Finally I came to an area with enough tree branches. By this time I was all wet and had lost half of my fishing pole I worked my way up the trees until I had about 10 yards to go but there was no tree branch. I carefully angled my way up this last steep slop. I had been saying a prayer for many minutes and was waiting to catch my breath and plan my next steps when 2 young men walked along the path above, saw me, asked if I needed some help, then reached down and help me up with one staying on the path and the other going down holding tight to the one on the path and grabbing me with his other hand. They got me up on the path. I had lost the other part of my fishing pole which I have not desire to go back and get. Would I have made it the last way up the hill alone or would i have slip slide down the hill again? I don’t know. My pride was swallowed but I am here to tell about it. I never intended to get in such a mess but I did but through tender mercies I can learn from it.

Craig Haslam, RPh